Matrix Machine is AS9100D (certified by MCNA) and ITAR registered contract manufacturer specializing in the production of precision components for the aerospace, commercial (optical and medical), and technical industries.

We are also a three-generation family-owned business that began back in 1979 when Joel and Donna Young created what would prove to be one of the finest contract manufacturers in the aerospace industry.

Their strategy was simple and straightforward: Manufacture flawless parts and products. On time. All the time. At a fair price.

In 2004, Twenty-five years later, the Young’s daughter Diana and her husband Kris Swenson, took the reins of the company and grew Matrix into the envy of the industry. Always at the cutting edge of technology.

Meanwhile back in 1999, a young man named Cable Morris joined the firm. He swept floors, shipped, learned to run the machines and assembled parts. He learned every aspect of the business from the ground up. Cable had a rare passion for manufacturing, by nature is an unapologetic perfectionist, and quickly played a key role in the success of Matrix.

In 2020, the twenty-one-year employee and his wife Jennen Morris bought the company from Kris and Diana Swenson and continue to expand the Matrix Machine legacy. Kris and Diana continue to be an integral part of Matrix, working side by side with Cable and Jennen.

Cable, Jennen and their team of fellow perfectionists genuinely understand how the mechanical world works. They understand the science, engineering and machining aspects of every part they build. And they love what they do. They are true craftsmen.

As a result, every Matrix employee is highly valued and well paid. They are hired with the intent of having them spend their entire careers at Matrix, as Cable has. And most of them do.

Today, Matrix continues to push the rules of conventional manufacturing with the latest programming procedures, tooling innovations and state-of-the-art methodologies like cellular manufacturing and horizontal machining.

At Matrix, we make thousands of parts. Other top-quality contract manufacturers only make a handful.

How do we define perfection?

Here is our answer: zero defects per million parts. There is no room for error in our business. Zero. So we consider everything before we take our first step. Before we design or manufacture a single part. Which is why we produce flawless work on time, and on budget.

We don’t do voicemail.

Matrix operates in a globally competitive marketplace. Our customers are some of the largest companies in the world. Honeywell has been a customer since we first opened our doors in 1979.

That’s why we take a “small business” approach to customer service. It’s extremely hands-on. And it’s why we don’t have voicemail.

Every incoming call will be answered by an expert. Every customer need will be served immediately, efficiently and expeditiously.

Our on-time delivery record is above 99%. And because we define perfection as Zero defects per million parts, Matrix has never been fired by a client. Not once. Not ever.